HIP HOP health ABCs challenge



With this year’s theme being “Heart & Soul,” we feel it’s important to create dialogue around the importance of health in the hip hop community. Health is not a topic commonly discussed in hip hop. Although more artists are talking about mental health, we know that taking care of our health needs to expand to all facets whether it’s fitness, nutrition, cardiovascular disease, self-care or diabetes.

In spirit of this year’s theme, we are calling out to the hip hop community to share a video on how do you give your “heart & soul” to healthy living.

Starting on February 28 (Thursday), choose a word that relates to health that starts with one of the letters we assigned for the week. This word could be something you do currently do to maintain good health or an health issue you have experience with that you want to raise awareness about.


1) Write 4 bars or a short piece about that health word. Start it off by saying the letter and the word. (A is for Apple)

2) Record a video to share on Instagram. Have fun and be creative with our theme in mind. Ideally, we would like to keep it between 1 to 3 minutes total.

3) Based on your word, feel free to drop some knowledge, talk about your healthy habits, share your story and experiences or even elaborate on how hip hop has played a role. We will share the ones we receive throughout the week.

4) Post the video on Instagram using our hashtags and tag us at @rocktheschoolbells and use the hashtags:



For the caption, you can include:

I’m doing the #hiphophealthABCs challenge for @rocktheschoolbells to promote good health within the hip hop community. For this week, I’ll be doing the letter ___.

__(letter)__ is for ___(health word)___

5) Every Thursday up until the youth conference on March 23, there will be a new set of letters. The challenge is to do one video for each of the 4 weeks.


For this week’s #hiphophealthABCs challenge, I’m doing the letter A.

A is for Apple, but don't get it from a Snapple,

Why settle for a bottle when you can get it all natural,

Apples are good for the heart, but make sure they’re organic,

Buy them from a local farmer, not imported across the planet.


We kick things off on February 28. Each Thursday after will be a new set of letters.

Below is the schedule for the next 4 weeks and examples of health words for each letter.

Week 1: A, B, C, D, E, F, G (February 28)

A - Addiction, Alzheimer's Disease, Anxiety

B - Breathing, Brain, Blood, B-Boy, Boxing

C - Cancer, Carcinogens, Crystals, Communication

D - Diabetes, Detox, Depression, Diet, DHA

E - EMF, Energy, Exercise

F - Fitness, Fasting

G - Grounding, Gait, God, Graffiti

Week 2: H, I, J, K, L, M, N (March 7)

H - Heart, Hiking, Healing

I - Infrared, Inflammation, Infection, Iron

J - Joints, Jaw, Jijitsu

K - Kidney, Kale, Keto

L - Liver, Light

M - Meditation, Metabolism, Magnesium, Mitochondria, Mental Health

N - Nutrition, Nature

Week 3: O, P, Q, R, S, T, U (March 14)

O - Obesity, Organic

P - Posture, Protein, Positivity

Q - Quads, Question

R - Run, Relax, Recovery, Relationships, Rest

S - Sleep, Stress, Sauna, Stamina, Supplements, Sprints, Self-Harm, Sports, Strength, Sobriety

T - Testing, Therapy, Toxins

U - UV, Ulcer

Week 4: V, W, X, Y, Z (March 21)

V - Vision, Vegetables, Vitamins

W - Walk, Water, Wim Hof

X - X-Ray

Y - Yoga

Z - Zen, Zync


You can include the instructions and schedule for the challenge in your posts: