Saturday March 23, 2019 + Skyline CollegE


RTSB12 Youth Conference Schedule


Welcoming Remarks from Skyline Leadership

Opening session
+ Mini Mix’d
+ Freeloader
+ Heart Keynote

morning workshop session

+MC Battle - preLims & Semi-Finals

afternoon workshop session

+ ScholarshipS + Honorees
+ soul keynote
+ MC Battle - FINALS
+ All Styles Dance Battle

youth under 18 must have parent/guardian sign liability waiver in order to participate (submit at check in on 3/23)


RTSB12 Opening Performers

Mini Mix’d

Mini Mix’d

MC Freeloader

MC Freeloader


Heart Keynote

Uce Veu

RTSB/CIPHER Alumni, Lyrical Opposition

Born Samuelu Veu, some know him by his artist alias as S.V., family address him as Sam or Sammy, but the most well-known moniker that he chooses to introduce himself as, is UCE. A little background - Uce actually means brother in Samoan - therefore, you are basically calling him family. Which is not far fetched at all to say about Uce, who embodies & values family at the heart of his being.

So if you crossed paths with Uce, (family or not) you'd know that he isn't one to take lightly the time to encourage, empower, & enlighten others. It is seen through his work as a Spoken Word Artist/ Ambassador for Lyrical Opposition, his ministry at Shiloh Church over Young Adults & Youth in Oakland, and also as being a Skyline Alumni, former RTSB student rep/honoree, and former president over Urban Youth Society - it is nothing short of a blessing & an honor to be given the platform to encourage, empower, & enlighten others once more at this year's Rock The School Bells!


Soul Keynote
+ Headliner


Anthony “YNOT” DeNaro

Anthony Denaro, M.F.A, aka YNOT, explores the design, sustainability, history, and community of hip hop. Through a futurist lens, YNOT’s work manifests in architecture, typography, dance, moving image, and music.

Senior Vice President of the legendary Rock Steady Crew, YNOT’s reputation in the dance world precedes him. As a B-boy, he works internationally at judging battles and teaching workshops.

In YNOT’s vision of the sustainability of hip hop, teaching and mentorship are paramount. Currently, his classes can be found on a workshop basis internationally, as well as online and in person through Arizona State University and Scottsdale Community College, where he teaches Urban Dance Techniques and Introduction to Urban Stylized Lettering.

Alongside his dancing and teaching, YNOT creates two and three dimensional visual works that construct the future of the Hip Hop aesthetic. His most recent work is a wooden chair fashioned to resemble a Graffiti letter ’S’. YNOT is presently based in Arizona and is self-represented and takes clients on a limited basis.



morning Workshop session


Alex Flores

Alex Flores

Dance Workshop: Popping

Popping is a dance style that originated out of the communities here in California. Its roots go back as far as the mid-1960’s in Oakland, CA with a dance called “boogaloo". We will be going through the basics of popping with drills on how to pop, step, groove and flow from one point to another as well as tips on how to advance yourself as a solo artist.



Lorenzo(Lolo) Pule Finau-Cruz, levalasi Loi-on +Drew Vai


Tongan and Samoan (Re)presentation: Reclaiming Identity Through Hip-Hop

In this workshop we will be exploring how Tongan and Samoan youth are represented in various institutions, such as media and education. Although we all have different experiences, much of our struggles are rooted in similar oppressive institutions. These institutions reinforce negative connotations of Pasifik youth such as “warrior culture” or “gang culture” affiliates. By breaking down these institutions and learning how to identify them, we can begin to learn how to heal through (re)presentation. Through (re)presenting ourselves and reclaiming culture we can better understand our own identity and build a stronger sense of community.

Examples of artists we will be mentioning in this workshop are Boo Yaa T.R.I.B.E, Nesian Mystik, and Suga Pop. In the end  of the workshop participants and attendees will have to chance to apply what they have learned. Workshop will be led by Levalasi Loi-On, Andrew Va’i, and Lorenzo Pule Finau-Cruz.



huy Ha

Huy Ha

Connecting the Dots with your Art Form

Heart and soul means everything to Oui Boogie's work life. If you're struggling to connect the dots in your life on what you really want to pursue in terms of careers and your goals; this workshop is designed to help align you with the tools and perspectives to take the work life on with the Bboy attitude, fast reflexes of a DJ, and the grace of a writer. Whether the answers you are looking for are perfect work life balance in hip hop or finding fulfillment in your work, come by to this workshop to seek just that.

+Born and raised in the Bay Area, Oui entered the music realm playing the electric guitar since he was 12. After 8 years of being highly involved in the metal scene, he was the lead guitarist and vocals for an indie band Mordecai.
At the age of 18, he entered the hip hop scene and was introduced to the art of bboying. During the 10 years of being highly active in the dancing scene, he discovered turntablism, The Art of DJing.
Currently he spins for weddings, corporate parties, dance battles, and many other specialized events on a consistent weekly basis. His specialties include Hip Hop, 90s, Funk, soul, future beats,baile funk and top 40.
Besides DJIng, Oui is a Martial Arts Instructor, a specialist/consultant for Creative Transit Agency, and an entrepreneur.



DJ Hella L

DJ Hella L

DJ : Redefined

For the students to gain self-confidence, knowledge and positive awareness of their own capabilities, creativity in the music industry, in hip-hop and as a DJ and tying this all in to their daily lives. I would also like to touch base on female DJs in history, who inspires and drives me, what it means to be a woman and mother and DJ in hip-hop.

+ DJ Hella L is a multi-genre or an open format DJ with Hip-Hop, as my first love. DJ Hella J has done major events like UNDSCVRDSF and am a resident dj for venues: Oakland’s 7th West and SF’s 111 Minna & major media entity, Hella Pinay. She is also a special needs mother and music industry businesswoman, running an up and coming music music entity, OVRRSRRR. If it wasn't for the foundation of hip-hop in Hella L, she would have never have been able to fully appreciate her growth and her healing as an artist, a DJ, a woman and mother. Hip-hop gave DJ Hella L knowledge of heart, soul and of self.




amir_esfahani - Amir Esfahani.jpg

Daniel Paniagua

96E6BDAF-D489-48CE-838A-9C97D1DC499A - Nueve Veinte.jpeg

GrafFiti: Writer’s Workshop

In this lesson students will learn how to create graffiti bubble letter as well as a meaningful moniker for themselves

+Amir Esfahani is an artist and associate professor at Skyline College. His artwork juxtaposes elements of technology, graffiti, and patterns.


Alphabet Aerobics

The purpose of this workshop is not to inspire individuals to become graffiti writers. It is to help students understand what goes into creating a handstyle that represents one’s culture and identity. We will examine a variety of graffiti and calligraphy styles from different cultures in order to further understand this art form within HipHop.

+ A proud native of Stockton, California, Daniel Paniagua first got introduced to art by way of the streets and railroad tracks near his neighborhood. In search of his own identity he began to relate himself as a graffiti writer throughout middle school and high school.

He made his move to Sacramento in late 2010 where an evolution in his approach to art unfolded as he focused on building a deeper understanding for lettering while teaching himself a variety of writing techniques. He has had the honor of learning from successful master figures within his community such as Bounce One, Daniel Osterhoff, Shaun Burner,David Lobenberg, etc. As a student, artist, and community member, Daniel seeks inspiration for his art through poetry, art history, culture, and the people of his community. Currently he finds discipline in everyday practice while striving to perfect his skill in a variety of mediums.



RRP_group - Kim B.jpg

Soup for the Soul: Healing Through Food & Performance

KIm Boral, Mayo buenafe-ze

Participants will explore how we can heal ourselves and our communities by telling our stories through food, spoken word, and movement. They will draw on their own food experiences, memories, and stories to write their own poem or spoken word piece. Participants will leave the workshop with a better understanding of how food and stories can be used to sustain ourselves and our communities and serve as an act of resistance in the way that hip hop historically has challenged status quo.

+The Rooted Recipes Project is a collective founded by Kim Boral, Joseph Nontanovan, Aileen Suzara, and Thuy Tran, all who work within the food world and are also activists, artists, and organizers within their respective communities. Their individual experiences include former artistic director of Culture Shock Dance Troupe, coordinator for a workforce development program for transitional age youth, land-based educator and chef, and experience producer.

For the Rooted Recipes Project, food is more than just food. It is the medium through which we learn our culture, trace our histories, assert our identities, and practice justice. It is our connection through food and shared stories that we may reclaim our past in order to move towards a liberated future.

HEART & SOUL reminds us to look at our well-being holistically. Healing our individual and collective HEART & SOUL through food are critical to sustaining our community.


Sunset Youth Services



Our youth will facilitate a work about basic song writing & using social media as means to promote music for branding purposes. They will explain the vibe, song structure, how to count bars, explain cadence & delivery. In addition, they will speak about the advantages of using social media as a platform to promote music by goal setting & target audiences.

+The mission of Sunset Youth Services is to foster long-term stability and growth for in-risk* youth and families through caring relationships and supportive services. This goal is based on the simple belief that youth are inherently worthy of dignity and respect and have the potential to positively contribute to their communities when their real needs are met.

Our trauma-informed approach to youth development helps us to recognize and effectively respond to the many Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) that mark our young people's lives.


Afternoon workshop session


Jewel Buchanan-Boone


Let’s Talk About Sex: A Deeper Conversation with the Lyrics Behind the Catchy Beats

From Instagram models & butt-shots, to “grocery” eating and Truffle Butter, mainstream hip-hop culture inextricably shapes how one views their self, the world, and how to navigate in it. It’s not easy to have honest, educated conversations about sexual health, boundaries, self worth, & consent, yet rules and expectations around these topics are explicitly coded into lyrics of popular songs, oftentimes consumed without critical thought. Some messages are affirming, celebrating consent, agency, and a person’s right to choose how to engage with others. Others are degrading, negative, and can be harmful when they spread misinformation or reinforce toxic expectations of self and others. As culture is co-created, this workshop seeks to disrupt business as usual social engineering by engaging in dialogue with the art that floods all media spaces. Through lyrical analysis of popular hits, participants will converse with the music they consume daily, think critically about the messages given, make observations around real life impacts, and respond to negative messaging by channeling the 5 Elements to create art that affirms themes of sexual health, body positivity, agency, consent, and healthy social behaviors.

+Jewel Buchanan-Boone is a doula, artivist, and educator who resides in Oakland, California.A poet & writer by trade, Jewel has relentlessly pursued her passions of art, music, and activism, intentionally integrating into communities within San Francisco & Oakland as an event organizer, stage manager, doula, & performer. A passionate storyteller, in 2011 Jewel completed her Bachelor of Arts in communication studies at San Francisco State University & her masters at Syracuse University's Newhouse School in 2017. She has worked with the likes of Audiopharmacy, Ruby Veridiano, the Black Choreographer's Festival, and URBAN X INDIGENOUS. To her, Heart & Soul are the physical and spiritual life force of all beings; One cannot exist without the other, nor can healing take place in one's absence. When she’s not plotting her next adventure from a cafe, Jewel can be found shopping local, tearing up dance floors, or delivering babies as a doula.



dr. cindy huynh + Landon Smith

Cindy Huynh_Keynote_photo.JPG
Landon Smith

Turning the Tables on Toxic Masculinity

What is toxic masculinity and why does it matter? This workshop explores what toxic masculinity is and how it harms us and our communities. Together we will identify examples of toxic masculinity and create community commitments that disrupt and empower us to ‘scratch’ it from our dialogues, practices, and mindbodyspirit.

+Cindy is a full-time faculty member in Ethnic Studies at San Jose City College and Landon is the Liberal and Creative Arts Coordinator for Metro College Success Program and a part-time faculty member in Communications at San Francisco State University. They have been best friends since high school and together, have 13 years of combined teaching experience. When they aren't in their respective classrooms, they love creating art, making smoothies, and collecting sneakers. Landon also recently launched his clothing company, Come On Bruh, which dedicates its proceeds to communities in need. To Cindy and Landon, heart and soul means loving, supporting, and affirming each other through challenges, triumphs, and vulnerabilities.



Today’s future sound


It's Not Just Beats: Beat Making for Self-Care, Learning and Growth

Dr. Elliot Gann, Marlon “UnLearn The World” Richardson, Elvin “DaRapNerd” Williams III, + Mike “Maitre’D” Cochran

This workshop will help students to understand how Hip Hop beat making can be used to decrease stress and use beat making as a healthy coping mechanism/activity. It will also help students to understand how and what they can learn through beat making and Hip Hop culture to empower themselves. This includes an introduction to beat making techniques using Ableton Push and Ableton Live, learning the basics of drum programming, melody composition and sampling.

+Dr. Elliot Gann is Director of Today's Future Sound, a Hip Hop beat maker/DJ under the alias Phillipdrummond who advocates for the educational and therapeutic uses of Hip Hop beat making and culture on a national and international level. Marlon "Unlearn" Richardson and Elwin "DaRapNerd" Williams III and Mike "Maitre'D' Cochran are all longtime senior instructors with Today's Future Sound, and Marlon is also Director of Education at Hip Hop for Change. Elizabeth "DJ Elz" Henderson is a TFS instructor and professional DJ, Ronesh Ghoshal and April King are both TFS volunteers and beat makers/Hip Hop practitioners. Heart and Soul mean strength, resilience, community, connection and healing through the power of Hip Hop beats and culture, the expression of true self and one's own style.



Arturo Munoz

FullSizeRender - Arthur Munoz.jpg

Tupac: The Power of The Pen

Hip hop has always been a genre to make your head bob while making your ears open up to the message of song. This is a chance for youth to analyze one of Tupac’s songs and two of his poems, learning how much power our words carry. The attendees will leave this workshop with a greater appreciation for the lyrics of rap and hip hop songs, and will have more confidence in the strengths of their own voices.

+Arturo Munoz, new to Rock The School Bells, is a proud Chicano, TRIO SSS first generation student, and active CSUMB Mechista. Learned to appreciate teatro (theater), murals, hip hop, poetry, and other forms of arte (art). Emphasizes the importance of education and being active in the community. Aims to become a maestro (teacher) or a profe (professor) arriving to work on a low-rider with fuzzy dice hanging from the rear-view mirror.



Rhytmic Mind

RTSB headshot - Jonah Scott.jpg

Freestyle Therapy Cypher

Jonah Scott + Max Kline

The Freestyle Therapy Cypher is an opportunity to experience first hand the many therapeutic benefits of freestyle rapping and cyphering. We engage and welcome MC's of all skill levels, with a focus on the experience and the connection. Participants will leave with an increased understanding, both cognitive and visceral, of how freestyling promotes well being, and an overall enhanced sense of mind/body/spirit(emotional) connection and integration.

+Jonah is a Bay Area native with a strong family lineage in social justice and sociopolitical activism. As an undergraduate in the Peace and Conflict Studies department at UC Berkeley, he focused on exploring links between creativity and health, and how these could be implemented in areas such as violence prevention and conflict resolution. He then went on to obtain his MA in Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University in 2013, where he wrote his thesis on hip hop as a therapeutic medium. It was here where he began to connect the dots between his life-long love and passion for hip-hop, his instilled understanding around structural social and racial inequalities, and his innate drive to be of service. It was also here where he met Rhythmic Mind co-founder Max Kline, and began development of the program model and curriculum. With over 20 years creating original hip hop music, he has experienced first hand its therapeutic capacity, and is greatly motivated by the desire to share this with others. Since 2014, he has worked passionately as a therapist with at-risk/at-promise youth at numerous middle and high schools throughout Oakland, CA. This work has included designing and facilitating Hip Hop Therapy groups and utilizing the creation of original hip hop music in individual sessions with youth. The theme of Heart and Soul is, to me, the essence of where Hip Hop originates from, its life-blood, and the driving motivation for my work in this field.



IMG_0726 - Tommy Reed.JPG
Saba Gebre

Get Free(Style)!

Get Free(Style) is an interactive workshop providing participants with a historical, cultural, and personal experience of Hip Hop while giving attendees the tools and a space to learn how to freestyle. There will be drumming, beatboxing, scatting, singing, and freestyling involved. Participants will learn, create, and enjoy Hip Hop together.

+Co-Facilitator Tommy Reed is a passionate and spirited counselor coordinator of Umoja Chabot’s program. He has energetically served the Umoja Community at Chabot for the past 5 years. He serves intentionally and wholeheartedly as an educator. As an Oakland native, his community has influenced his passion in the arts and education for liberation. On his free time, he serves as a life coach, produces music, and is deeply invested in his 10 year old son’s love of hockey. Tommy is an incredible leader and educator who you can find almost every day engaging in live learning that promotes students success. He has a B.A. from CSUEB in Sociology with a minor in Creative Writing and a M.A. in Education with a concentration in Counseling from SJSU.

+Co-Facilitator Saba Gebre is a counselor at Chabot and Skyline Colleges. She is thrilled to be a part of both powerful, dynamic and beautiful communities! She identifies as a queer Eritrean feminist and educator. Saba received her BA in Social Welfare from UC Berkeley and her Masters in Counseling from SFSU. She has personal knowledge and experience serving immigrant, refugee, queer/trans, first gen, students of color. She is deeply committed to supporting the needs of all people of oppressed hxstories, identities, and experiences. Saba utilizes de-colonization, education for liberation, Hip-Hop and critical conscious praxes to counsel students. In addition, Saba is passionate about promoting social justice and social action in various community settings. In her free time, you can find her jamming out to music, practicing yoga, reading, writing, participating in civic engagement, and kicking it with family.